Have designer labels gone to your head? Why Not? They are everywhere else!

Whether flipping through fashion magazines or observing the parade of celebrities on the red carpet, the inquiry of who are you wearing? directly relates to clothing, jewelry, and shoes. Why not the hair and make up? If the celebrity has spent all day a the salon why are those artists not given equal billing? Or better yet, top billing? Hair stylists, after all, create their art on-the-spot, with no time to alter or rework the final product. You better have it right, right then.

If they say shoes are the exclamation point at the end of a statement, wouldn't hair be the beginning?

My clients are wearing Lisa B. Who does your hair wear?

Lisa Brooks at N Salon

For appointments, please contact lisa directly: 512-293-1771
or email LisaBrooksHair@gmail.com

N Salon
3027 N Lamar, Second Floor
(S.E. corner of 31st and Lamar)
Austin, Texas 78705

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Before I discovered Lisa B several years ago I wore a boring mop of dish-water blond hair, constantly frustrated with stylists suggesting the rachel or the monica I surrendered myself to a life filled with bad hair days. After a chance meeting with Lisa, I figured I would give her a try. Now, 6 years later, I have a new style every 6 months and am constantly complimented on my perfectly platnum shade of blond. And never once have I been compared to a member of the cast of friends.
-Karla, Austin, TX
Lisa B knows that hair is a girl's best accessory. Whether it's cut, color or all of the above, Lisa knows how to choose a style that flatters my face as well as my mood. Before I met Lisa, I had haircuts from other stylists that left me in tears, but I'm never afraid to put my head in her capable hands. I know I'll always leave Lisa's chair looking and feeling like a million bucks.
Erin W, Austin, TX